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Social Media List

Harness the Power of Social Media to Improve ROI

In today’s social-media spectrum, finding the right data has become easy, but that is not sufficient. WebmailingLists understands there is an increasing need to find people who have substantial monetizing capacity, for you. The Social Media Lists brings together a vast collection of leads and prospects. You get them in a segmented fashion depending on your business and industry category.

Social Media List

WebmailingLists Social Media Lists

  • Are free of inactive, dead, and multiple entries (updated every 30 days)
  • Have 100% spam-free leads with 65% to 90% deliverability ratio
  • Have contact details of key decision makers covering more than 55 industry segments
  • Improve prospect targeting, client responses, and ROI

Quick Facts

Social Media Lists = Targeted Lead Capture + Increase in Conversion + Customer Satisfaction + ROI Improvement