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Email Marketing Services

Reach the Right Prospects the Right Way

Email marketing pioneered digital marketing. It is essentially the oldest and the most power-packed digital marketing tool available. It is powerful to such an extent that among all the widely used methods, email marketing has the highest ROI.

WebmailingLists offers you its potent and fine tuned email marketing services. It is bespoke and has various inbuilt defense mechanisms to take care of the common pitfalls of email marketing. End-to-end email marketing is our strength. We have designed it in such a way that it can be changed and tweaked according to your needs.

From designing the email pitch with the help of experienced pitch writers, to loading it on SPAM compliant templates, to sending it in a preplanned and methodical manner, WebmailingLists ensures it goes all the way. Another aspect we incorporate is accountability. We have cutting-edge analytical tools, which allow us to track everything the email does, from the moment it goes till it fulfills its purpose.

With our complete Email Marketing plan you get:

  1. Exclusive, original pitches written
  2. Multiple SPAM compliant templates
  3. Ready-to-use databases
  4. Analytics
  5. Research and tracking tools

Our email campaign management software is highly progressive and goes about its business just like a well-oiled machine! WebmailingLists brings better prospects and leads through email marketing plans and the technology to implement them.